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Founded by Jill Yu in 2015 with an initiative to support local talents, 310Mood is a collaborative indie label based in Chicago and Shanghai.  Influenced and inspired by the rich history and culture Shanghai has to offer, “310” represents the air cargo number of the city. Working with a small workshop in Shanghai who has over two decades of experience in producing craftsmanship-focus pieces, 310Mood is dedicated to bring luxury to modern women on the…

Patricia Wong

Patricia Wong’s jewellery design reflects her enduring fascination of fashion, architecture, and the sculptural arts. Born in Hong Kong, raised amongst a mixture of metropolises around the world, and now based in Toronto this emerging award-winning designer is one the industry is keeping close tabs on. Her clientele includes the like of Sophie Gregoire Trudeau who was spotted wearing one her designs on a recent trip to China. With a passion for exploration, her desire…

Michelly Mo

Since the age of 10, Michelly Mo spent most of her school days sketching and drawing. Through her strong design sensibility, it’s hard to imagine Michelly Mo is a self-taught designer. Her unique taste on fabrics, flattering silhouettes, and authentic approach to everyday wear are the key elements to her success.


Born in a small village of southern China, Xian Ji Wen was raised in a designer’s family. Her grandmother was the first to own a sewing machine in her village. Growing up hanging out in her aunt’s design studio,  the designer blood has been running deeply in her body. Right after graduation, Wen landed her first job at her favourite fashion label. From an assistant to an assistant designer and eventually to be the lead…

JH. Zane

After graduated in 2011 from Winchester School of Art, Juhao Zeng was trained professionally in Katie Eary’s and Gareth Pugh’s studios, while establishing himself as a freelance stylist with editorials published in a wide variety of magazines. Wanting to integrate his artistic and graphic design background to fashion design, Zeng believed that bringing an art concept to life is one of the most beautiful parts of being a designer. After two years of refining practical…


Amomento is a Seoul-based fashion label founded by Lee Mee-Kyung. Started as an independent boutique carrying timeless pieces, Amomento has gained a very loyal following ever since. With its effortless, sophisticated aesthetic, they continue to strive. Their in-house label is offering beautiful apparel with striking visual stories.


Founded by two best friends Summer Zhao and Olivia Lee in 2014 in London, UK , AtelierSó offers a series of unique, limited, wearable stories. Graduated from MA in Architecture at Central Saint Martins, Summer really shows her architecture background in her design. Só, a Portuguese means “only”, perfectly conveys the story of the label.  Each collection documents a different perspective and mindset of the designer.

Moitié Moitié

Meaning “Half Half” in French, Moitié Moitié is a luxury accessory label aims to deconstruct traditional ideas and reinvent conventions in hats. Interpreting the marriage between the classics and the modern, the traditional and the innovative, the trendy and the individual, Moitié Moitié believes conflict could be beautiful.

Lia Huang

Founded in 2014 in Paris, Lia Huang is an emerging independent label caters to modern and effortless women who are looking for stylish garments without the trend driven mindset. Specializing in knitwear design with a heart for environmental friendly fabric, Lia hopes her pieces will be able to offer everyday staple pieces with a little twist.

Heng Shu

Heng Shu Atelier was established by Eric Qu in Shanghai in 2014 in a hope to create a footwear line that is beyond the functionality, but rather an aesthetic artwork to embrace storytelling and arts. Insisting on hand making each pair from the very beginning to finish, HENG SHU has been growing its loyal following around the globe. With the same vision and aesthetic,  Heng Shu Atelier has expanded from a footwear to accessory.