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Hey you,


It’s Sasha here. I’m the co-founder of this little online space called SASHION. Whether you’re new to SASHION or an old friend, please let me give you a virtual HUG. Thank YOU for taking your time to visit. 🙂


If you are one of those who’ve been following our journey since day one, I seriously would love to throw a wine and cheese party to get to know you. You are one of the reasons I kept pushing and improving to make SASHION better every day. I’m sure you’ve seen SASHION’s growth. Do you remember the photos from our first look book shoot? Hm… All I wanna say is that I hope you don’t recall at all. Ha! But looking back, I’m so proud to say that we’ve come a long way as an e-commerce platform, a team and a community.


If you’re a new visitor here, nice to meet you! I’d still love to thank you for reading this. Too bad we didn’t get to know each other more. But don’t worry, we have a Goodbye (For Now) Sale waiting for ya. Take advantage of it.


Choosing to let SASHION go is a choice. A choice comes after tons of meditation and self-reflection. I’m forever grateful to have you believed and interested in us, but now it’s time to move on, follow our instinct and heart to pursue something new.


Going forward, I’m aiming to build a community for creative women from different generations. By creating a resourceful platform with real stories, organic conversations, and authentic advice, women from each generation can understand and learn from each other, carve their own path and take ownership of their lives.

Stephen (the other half of SASHION), on the other hand, is starting his freelance gig. So if you know someone needs a website, you know where to find us. 🙂


Okay, I hope we can keep in touch. If you’re interested to know what’s coming up for us, sign up to our newsletter. If not, it’s okay too. I’d still like to express my deepest gratitude and best wishes to you.






Co-Founder of SASHION